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Vidiyal Housing Constructions has a list of happy customers who are happy with the construction service that they got. We facilitate construction services like design and build, renovation and all other construction services. We have a team of experts who are specialized in designing, planning, getting permissions, experienced engineers and leading Architects. Vidiyal Housing Constructions is a leading construction company in Chennai who provides one-stop-shop solutions for all your construction needs. We will be with you in developing the project and even after development, a free consultation will also be provided after completion.

Vidiyal Housing Constructions is known for quality and dependability that they put while developing properties. with our team of experts who can set an example of the project that has been developed and doesn’t need more introduction about what we are good at. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions at a minimal cost. with our dedicated team who works on all skills of construction whether it is a micro or macro project that we get, we ensure that every project has been taken utmost care.

As we are one of the top construction company in Chennai, we give our clients the best solutions, timely deliveries and excellent customer service that creates an environment which is engaging enough for all the parties. We have successfully delivered construction projects that are into residential and commercial spaces with superior quality.

Vidiyal Housing Constructions is growing rapidly by the implementation of modern technologies that are specialized in delivering sustainable solutions for our clients. This feat has not been achieved overnight but it took days of efforts in ensuring quality and achieving customer satisfaction has made us reach this level. We are proud to say that we are one of the best civil and commercial construction companies in Chennai.


Buying a property can be a daunting prospect, especially if this is your first home purchase. Between open houses to visit, thousands of print and online advertisements to read and significant financial decisions to make, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Enlisting the help of a trusted real estate agency can help you navigate the often tricky world of residential real estate. Vidiyal Housing is perfectly placed to provide you with advice and assistance relevant to your local real estate market.

Vidiyal Housing is a well-known property developer in Chennai that provides residential plots, premium villas, farm land, and industrial land plots in Chennai outskirts at beautiful locations, at an affordable price. So, you will enjoy living your life in the arms of nature, de-stressing yourself by experiencing fresh air, lush green environment with wonderful scenic view, and you can also reach to your workplace faster using superior connectivity.

Make your dream a reality with Vidiyal Housing.